Condition Assessment - One Facility or a thousand . . .

A well structured maintenance plan for any facility extends the life of the asset through targeted spending over a 5, 10 or 15 year plan. SBMG targets its capabilities (applying the skill sets of our dedicated team of industry leading professionals) to meet your desired outcomes - we tailor to your needs. A professional Condition Assessment of a facility carried out by SBMG delivers the following (or any combination of - large or small!) –

SBMG Condition Assessment Standards

  • A comprehensive "Snap Shot" of the facilities condition – Every space internal and external, roofs, grounds, street frontage, boundaries, plant and equipment. What ever you require from our comprehensive list to get the results you need.
  • Facilities assessed against BCA, Australian Standards, within frameworks of PAS55 / ISO55000 series and / or Government guidelines published by Public Works (eg QLD MMF), IPWEA Practice Notes - The level of requirement is entirely up to you.

SBMG Risk Assessment

  • Risk identification – Safety, environmental, heritage, potential cost, Government compliance, or in compliance with your own internal risk assessments. These can be set up as strategic drivers to enable deeper analysis of data

SBMG Asset Register

  • Asset Data Capture for asset registers – Statutory or Preventative maintenance items such as Emergency & Exit Lighting, TMVs, RCDs, air conditioners – choose from our comprehensive listing or add your own requirements

SBMG Condition Assessment Data and Analysis

  • Maintenance item findings fully scoped and costed for budget preparation and planning – line item by line item
  • Recommended time frame for works identified – line by line by recommended year enabling comprehensive maintenance programs to be developed to control expenditure and maintain projected budgets.
  • Life cycle replacement recommendations so you know when the "big ticket" items are coming up and have time to plan for the cost while not diminishing the day to day, year to year maintenance requirements
  • Photos can be imbedded in the report or file names referenced for data import to your own systems. Reporting is flexible to your requirements as we deal in many data formats

SBMG Condition Assessment Report

  • Comprehensive Facility Report outlining items of immediate concern, risk rated and ranked, incorporating how you need the condition assessment findings listed according to your strategic drivers.
  • SBMG will report any items of immediate risk to you from site during the assessment.

SBMG Condition Assessment Photographic Record

  • Photographic / video record – an invaluable tool for estimating and adjusting maintenance programs and budgets, not to mention for prosperity!

SBMG Condition Assessment App

  • Data can be supplied ready for import into any CMMS (such as AMPRO), including photographs / video. SBMG has the capacity to develop software in it's own right which means we have the ability to integrate with your existing systems saving time and money.
  • Otherwise, we can present a simple spread sheet template customised to your needs ready for analysis.
SBMG Condition Assessment Design Management
  • Detailed scopes of work and tender management services can be provided as / if required - your choice!
  • Design management in accordance with AS9001 - Quality Management Systems for detailed control of outputs through Design Management Plans as standard

SBMG Condition Assessment Reporting

  • One Facility / Property / Building or a thousand, residential, commercial, civil, industrial, agricultural, SBMG has the capacity to deliver. Full programs of work can be delivered for integration into your own programming tools or provided by SBMG in MS Project or web based multi user format.

SBMG Condition Assessment Management System

Benefit from the decades of experience in all aspects of the Construction and Maintenance industry sectors of fully qualified lead assessors that will lead you through the process to obtain the data you need to best deliver your desired outcome - Simple, compliant, painless Maintenance Management!

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