SBMG Sinking Fund Projections

Sustainable Building and Maintenance Group prepares Capital Works Plans (the old Sinking Fund Projections) in accordance with the requirements of the current Strata Schemes Management Act.

SBMG applies a comprehensive knowledge of construction and maintenance requirements at site condition assessment to produce an accurate costing model to both guide and manage future fund expenditure in the most economical and beneficial manner possible.

SBMG also audits existing Capital Works Plans for compliance and 5 yearly reviews as required by the current legislation in force.

SBMG can also provide fund modelling software to ensure changes in the market and economy are incorporated into your projections, ensuring the projections accuracy and reducing the need for expensive major reviews.

Further to producing the Capital Works Plan estimate, SBMG can also set up and run your maintenance and expenditure requirements including planning / programming of Preventive and Statutory Maintenance, Capitol Expenditure including from calling tenders to final works compliance, and records management.

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