SBMG Common Sense Approach . .

Once engaged, SBMG contact the residents / tenants of the property at least one week before the inspection to organise access. A thorough inspection of the property is undertaken by SBMG fully qualified assessors including grounds, all building internal spaces and the external of the building.

Samples are taken as necessary for further analysis by a NATA Certified Laboratory. The results of the inspection are entered into the SBMG proprietary software application to calculate risk factors and work priorities that form the Asbestos Register.

From the register an Asbestos Management Plan is produced for the property. Labelling of asbestos containing materials is required under clause 424 of the Work HeaSBMG Asbestos Labelslth & Safety Regulation "If reasonably practical?? SBMG balance property aesthetics with legislative requirements to achieve a consistent standard across all properties and meet compliance.

Labelling of Asbestos Containing Materials is carried out by SBMG both during the inspection and after any NATA Accredited test results have been received.

Reinspection, Updating and Management Plan Review . .

Reinspection / Review is required by law. SBMG offers a self check option to determine if you need us to reinspect the items identified on site - Contact SBMG to ask us how!

Benefits Of The SBMG Approach . .

Additional Asbestos Services . .

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