What is Asbestos . .

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral. Asbestos was Asbestosa wonder product of its day being used in over 3000 products for its durability, strength and insulation properties. Its main uses in construction were for cladding and internal lining (fibro), roofing, pipes, vinyl tiles, and insulation and it is estimated that at least 30% of the dwellings in Australia contain some form of asbestos if built between 1940 and 1986 as a rule.

What Are Common Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) . .

SBMG Asbestos Cladding
SBMG Asbestos Clad Cabin
SBMG Asbestos Demolition Waste
SBMG Asbestos Signage
SBMG Asbestos Fence
SBMG Asbestos Fire Rating
SBMG Asbestos Form Work
SBMG Asbestos Cladding
SBMG Asbestos Pontoon and Piles
SBMG Asbestos Packing
SBMG Asbestos Pipe
SBMG Asbestos Telstra Pit
SBMG Asbestos End Panel and Planter Box
SBMG Naturally Occurring Asbestos
SBMG Asbestos Roof and Cappings
SBMG Asbestos Signage
SBMG Asbestos Tank
SBMG Asbestos Vermiculite Ceiling

For a listing of Asbestos Containing materials click here as the list is too long to add to the website!

When Were Common Asbestos Containing Materials Primarily Used . .

The list (Click Here) is not exhaustive and does not accommodate that a person (eg Builder) may have had a product in stock that has been used after these dates. Source: NSW Government, 2011, Asbestos Blueprint: A guide to roles and responsibilities for operational staff of state and local government.

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