Integrated Systems . .

Integrated systems comprise the 3 main standards of Quality Management (AS9001), Safety (AS4801) and Environmental Management (AS14001). As there are elements of these standards that overlap it is basic common sense to have one procedure, form or application that meets the requirements of all 3.

Again using the process based approach allows you to integrate the requirements of the standards into the way you do business to achieve your goals and greater client satisfaction.

Other elements beside the management standards can be included to ensure that your business complies to the legislative requirements it needs to -

- Risk Management to AS31000
- Government Guidelines (Construction, education, aged care etc)
- NSW Government Best Practice
- Federal Safety Accreditation
- HR / Industrial Relations
- Relevant Australian Standards to your industry / sector
- Relevant Legislation to your industry / sector
- Specific client / market requirements
- Operational procedures
- Corporate Governance to AS8000 Series Standards

By incorporating these elements (or combination of) they can be governed by the continual improvement model thereby regularly audited for compliance, improvements made and ensuring the business functions as required by the directors / senior management.

By combining the components listed above into one system you achieve efficiencies by having only one documented system to train your staff in and manage. Changes in legislation can be included and implemented very quickly across your whole organisation with this process based approach. Your business achieves certified compliance with one audit instead of many further saving time and money.

SBMG also has the capacity to automate many of the processes into a fully computerised system.

Contact SBMG to discuss your ideas / needs - you will be surprised by what can be achieved!

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