SBMG design and implement Management Systems to meet your Company's specific requirements - both current and future. Whether it is one component you require or a fully integrated system SBMG take your requirements and budget into account to minimise transition and costs.

Every business and situation is different and SBMG shines in developing unique, efficient and cost effective Management System solutions to help you achieve your business goals and that competitive edge. We work with you as no one knows your business like you do.

Full training is provided as the system is developed and implemented with full auditing provided to ensure compliance to the standards is achieved.

With over 35 years experience in the construction, civil, mining and manufacturing sectors for both government and commercial clients, (subcontractor, head contractor and client side) contact SBMG for a confidential discussion (obligation free of course) on your requirements and what we can do for your business .

Management System Structure . .

Control company policy and direction from the top down quickly and efficiently with a Quality System to AS9001.

Add components such as Work Health & Safety (AS4801), Environmental Compliance (AS14001), Risk Management (AS31000), HR and automated workflows / computerisation for a totally Integrated Management System.

In a nut shell: "Write down what you do, Do what you write down, and have the records to prove it"

The management system standards are based on a process approach.

Once SBMG have mapped your core processes procedures can be developed to ensure that tasks are completed as needed to achieve the most efficient outcomes.

This also makes training of staff easier as the flow chart lists which form / item to use at which stage of the process and the reasons why.

Management System Process Flowchart

Quality Procedure

Procedures provide the detail and the method for carrying out the task (Who does what when and how).

There are certain procedures that have to be written to comply with the standards AS9001, AS4801, and AS14001 however many of these overlap so that one procedure can tick the boxes of multiple standards.

Adapt the standards to your business, not your business to the standards. Build the requirements of the standards into your operational procedures (the way you do business or want your business to function).

This is the "who does what when" part of the system
Records / Forms are the all important record of evidence - that signature on the bottom that instills ownership in the process.

Records can take the shape of a printed MS Word document, an Excel workbook or data record in a software application (PC, Laptop, tablet or phone app).

However you decide to gather records these become evidence of compliance and the road to certification.

Quality Records

SBMG Continual Improvement

Achieve Continual Improvement by auditing your system to assess and gain efficiencies therefore providing cost savings to your business.

Let your business become stronger and more focussed in the direction you want it to grow via the mechanisms within the system.

Project Management Plans (PMP's) - for those in construction, those requiring a contract management plan, or those aiming to go that little bit further at bid / tender submission, contact SBMG to compile a contract / project management plan.

A PMP ties all the components of a project / contract / bid or tender together as an overview as to how you will run the project / contract to deliver the outcomes requested by your client such as Quality Planning, safety management, environmental management, contract specific items (working with children, ID cards, client software systems), Development Application compliance, specification compliance, risk management, data security etc etc - the list can be endless depending on the compliance needs

Project Management Plan

SBMG Email Notification Service

As part of your engagement with SBMG is a complimentary email update notification service of changes in your specific industry - Safety alerts, environmental alerts, Australian standard changes, ABCC updates, legislative changes (state and Federal), software recommendations, and other general announcements of system related value!

These are generally fortnightly unless there is an announcement of merit, summarise the info and provide a link for further reading. These can be combined with your own internal company updates or announcements as part of meeting communication / consultation requirements.

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